The Upstate New York Hosta Society (UNYHS) is a group of individuals who are interested in the genus Hosta of all sizes, colors and shapes. We meet several times during the year to learn more about Hostas as well as a variety of garden-related topics from speakers, hybridizers and other experts. We are a fun group always looking to add new members because we also learn a lot from each other. In addition to lectures, we sell Hostas to members at wholesale cost once a year and hold a variety of picnics during the summer so we can visit each other’s gardens. We also partner with the Iris and Daylily Societies to educate the public about Hostas at the Capital District Flower and Garden Show at Hudson Valley Community College in March as well as sharing hosting duties for a Winter Doldrums party in February to help plan our gardens for the next season. Once a year we sell divisions of the Hostas grown in our gardens to the public to raise funds for our speakers as well as the gift certificates we give out to our members at our epic Holiday party. We have held Hosta leaf shows which are open to the public, hosted garden tours and participated in bus tours to gardens all over the Northeast. Please feel free to visit our calendar to see updated information as to where the next event will be held and to attend one event prior to making the decision to join our group.

The Society was founded in September 1996 as a non-profit educational organization. Its goal is to promote knowledge and interest in growing Hostas. Our organization has over a hundred members, many of whom travel from across New York and neighboring states to share their diverse gardening interests and varied botanical skills. We meet during the year to exchange ideas and experiences, to encourage beginners, and to support members as they venture into new areas of growing, propagating, and hybridizing Hostas. Plant sales provide members the opportunity to acquire new, unique and exotic plants to showcase in their gardens. Many of the more expensive varieties can often be obtained at prices below retail.

Annual dues are $10.00 and include participation in members- only special plant sales, invitations to guest lectures, plant swaps, holiday gatherings, garden tours, an electronic subscription to the Society’s periodic newsletter and special notices regarding upcoming events. New members will also receive a copy of “The Hosta Adventure”, a 32 page Hosta grower’s guide published by the American Hosta Society when they attend their first Upstate New York Hosta Society meeting.

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